Check out my blog! Ugh.

I hear too often about people starting blogs. It seems like such a chic thing to do and the words “check out my blog” almost makes me gag. But lately when I take inventory of my life, I see so many great things: love, a home, a good job and awesome pet, and yet I feel (counselors make note, Cole is “feeling”) like it is increasingly difficult to feel mentally at ease in my own thoughts. Guess it is part of getting older…seeing life in different ways and wanting to share that. Thus, the start of this blog.

It is still in its infancy, and maybe it will never progress beyond that, but this is just a place to host what I am thinking or feeling or sometimes doing. I hope it to be interesting and entertaining, but ultimately it is just a selfish endeavor to set my soul at ease.

So, enjoy and if you want to see some old art of mine (which I plan on picking back up too), check out my homepage.



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