Afternoon slip

It has been awhile since I have done a post, but knowing that I am really the only one that notices, I suppose I shouldn’t feel like I am failing anyone by slacking. However, I am in the mood to write. About what or how, I don’t know, but I think I will try a poem. Here goes:

The afternoon slip

The days are flying by
Most with just burnt fuel to show for
Like a relapse of a day past
Today is yesterday, tomorrow is today

Each day I wake
A zombie to the morning light
The cruel, infinite call of work beckons
Routine my saving grace

The wheels turn, chatter fills the waves
I find myself moving yet seated still
I am not happy, nor am I sad
Another day is here

Minutes mask as hours
The glaze melts over my eyes
Some days feel like forever
Some days simply are

Today is the same as am I
But together we are different
If just for now
I shall steal this moment away

Time is a fool
And I am no prisoner
I am giving the afternoon the slip
Stowing away these seconds for me


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