The year has turned over once again. I am now 37 years old. It sounds so odd to say to myself, “37.” I can always recollect this generic moment when I was maybe a freshman or sophomore at Vaca High when 21 seemed so distant and old. Maybe it was because I felt like I had so much ahead of me: varsity sports, a scholarship, and, of course greatness. And, of course, that was all going to happen before I could even legally buy a beer. But what happened? Well, life, I suppose. I did make varsity sports, and I guess you could even say I got a scholarship, because technically, I did (thanks Mr.Baxter). True, I didn’t just have my retirement tour like Jeter, celebrating my 20 years of professional baseball (in my mind, I could still play and make a major league team, even though I’m a shell of what I once was physically and am only fast relative to other guys my age, and we just run 90 feet).

But I digress, this isn’t about sports, or, for that matter, my life. It’s about the number, and how it is so strange to think that I have been on this earth for 37 years. Even if I had become a professional athlete, I’d be retiring. I am two times older than most high school seniors. I have been driving for over 20 years (though, that doesn’t make me a better driver than I was 20 years ago). I have friends that have kids in their teens. I complain on the daily about a sore back, or sore neck, or an aching knee. I am a man – not a kid, boy, or even a young man. I am a full grown, man.

I can’t complain though. Despite my achy bones, I’m in pretty good health. Even though millions of dollars haven’t landed in my lap, I’ve managed okay. My career is still TBD, but I’ve had some good gigs, and met some cool people. I’ve done alright.

Maybe this is the year. For what? I don’t quite know yet. But that’s what’s great about getting older – concession to life, and just appreciating what is to come. Maybe it’s kids, maybe it’s a new career building job, maybe it’s a move to Europe, or maybe it’s a call from the A’s looking to rehab an aged second baseman with moderate speed and a less than average arm…I still hold out hope.


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