Taking a long vacation is amazing. Going to bed late. Sleeping in. Not taking a shower until eleven a.m. Having been on a vacation now for a few months (or, as some might refer to it, being unemployed), I’ve come to embrace the beauty of nothing, stress the expectations of the minute, and miss working. That’s right, miss working. Supporting my wife’s career has been well worth it, seeing her grow as a writer and professional, but staying on top of my game has required some attention. I’ve had my foray into the eBay world (more shoes to come), learned a bit of InDesign, done some painting, taken lots of photos and spent a lot of time with my best friend, my dog Buster. Oh, and I’ve connected with old, great human friends, too. But, now as the end of my wife’s fellowship is in the not-so-distant future, the idea of work, the day to day grind, is becoming more appealing than I thought it would.

Going into my mid-career retirement, I saw it as an opportunity to be more creative, try new things, read up, watch movies and relax. What I’ve learned is that I like working with people, having direction, a goal and being a part of a team. I miss having co-workers (I’ve had some great ones), the daily b.s. and challenges. I miss the stress of needing to get something done. The things that drive me crazy during a job, are the things that I also miss now. True, some more than others, but having a job helps give me focus and divide the time in my life more efficiently between what is work and what is not.

As I type this, I suppose I also dread having to go back to work. Of course, I dread not being able to find work more than going back to it, but I am not naive to appreciate the fact that I have been able to relax for a few months, set money concerns to the side and breath. It may be the last break of its kind until retirement, if that comes, so I’m still enjoying and embracing it. But I look forward to going back to work. I hope wherever and whatever it is, it is a challenging, fun place that I can learn new things, build on the things I already know, and maybe even make some new friends for the future.

I’m in a soft search mode now, but look out world, I’m coming soon!


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