Twenty Year Reunion

Can you believe it's been nearly twenty years since 1996? It is equidistant in time between 1996 and now as it is from now to 2034. 2034! That seems like some crazy-ass futuristic place with flying cars, pills to make us live forever and telepathy chips planted in our brains to communicate with both man... Continue Reading →

Art Challenged.

This past week I was challenged on another social media site to post art that I have done. Not having much of a portfolio physically with me right now, I had to do something I hadn't done in quite some time - draw. I wasn't sure how successful I would be at this due to... Continue Reading →

New Camera, New Shots!

I got a new camera at the start of the year and am trying to learn its ins and outs. Don't have it mastered yet, and haven't been anywhere that is totally new and exciting, but here are a few shots that I dig that have come from it. Hope you enjoy!

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