Art Challenged.

This past week I was challenged on another social media site to post art that I have done. Not having much of a portfolio physically with me right now, I had to do something I hadn’t done in quite some time – draw. I wasn’t sure how successful I would be at this due to long breaks from doing it, but much to my surprise, I was able to crank out seven drawings in five days. Now that the challenge is all done, Here they all are, together. So glad I was challenged, as it made me draw more than I have in years, and I could feel my art growing as I went, allowing me to try small technique changes and trust in myself as I did it.


brandi carlile_2-19-15  chuck klosterman_2-19-15  malcom gladwell_2-21-15  jack kerouac_2-18-15  fred armisen_2-20-15 johnny borrel_2-18-15   richard ashcroft_2-18-15


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