The Human Element

We love technology. We have come to a place that technology rules much of our day to day lives. We check our phones incessantly for updates of our friends lives, the status of our financial portfolios, to play games, to take photos and to communicate with each other without saying a single word. If you... Continue Reading →

Wild Animal Sanctuary

Today my wife and I visited the Wild Animal Sanctuary just outside of Hudson, Colorado. The Sanctuary rescues animals from illegal and inhumane captivity, such as circuses, peoples backyards where they were kept as pets, or other ill-advised habitats. Luckily, these animals were rescued and now live on acres of open space and spectators can... Continue Reading →

Trading the Pen for a Brush

I am not a patient man when it comes to art. There's a reason I gravitate toward digital photography and pen and ink drawings, it's because I can crank 'em out. From inception to completion I'm looking at two to three hours, for the most part. That's not to say they're easy, trust me, there... Continue Reading →

To Beard Or Not To Beard

The job search is on the horizon. I see it, the light at the end of the tunnel, approaching ever-so quickly. The mid-career retirement, sabbatical...whatever I have called it, is nearing an end and the reality of working again is almost here. The sweats I so conveniently wear on an almost daily basis will soon... Continue Reading →

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