U2: Between Rock & a Hard Place

It is odd to be of the age that bands that ruled the airwaves in the '80s are now being played on classic rock stations. For a lot of artists, making the classic rock playlist is a badge of honor, proof that a song, or album has withstood the test of time. It also brings... Continue Reading →

J-J-J-Juicy…Steroids & Baseball

Hitting a baseball is hard, but hitting a baseball hard is harder. Much harder. I have heard a lot of excuses (or reasons, if you are of the other mindset) of why players who took steroids should still be in the Hall of Fame, or should still be celebrated as great players, and I have... Continue Reading →

Going Back To Cali

It is now official, the allure of California has won again. My wife and I, who have spent a lot of the last nine months in Boulder, Colorado, are heading back to Cali. While we have loved our time in Boulder, we have both just grown homesick for the hot, drought ridden land of suburban... Continue Reading →

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