Between Two Souls – a fictional running dialogue

“It had to be done.”

“What? That’s it, huh? It had to be done? I can’t believe you.”

“What? And what’d I did? Last time I checked you were standing right here. Right here with me. It’s what you and I did. It’s not just what I did.”

“Don’t even think about it…I didn’t do anything. I didn’t know what you were up to. I didn’t…”

“What? You didn’t know what I was up to? That’s a load of…you knew as soon as I asked you to come with me, what I was up to.”

“No. No…how could I know it was going to come to this?! No one would ever think you’d take it this far.”

“C’mon. That’s bullshit. You know me. You know what happened. It wasn’t a choice. Don’t act all naive and moral. This is what had to be done. You know it. He had it coming. It had to be this way.”

“Does…does she know?”

“Does it matter? What’s it change one way or another? It’s for her…don’t worry about whether she knows or not. Better she stay out of it. Look. If this is too much, leave.”

“No…no…I’m not leaving. I’m not gon…”

“I needed your help, but I’m not trying to make this your problem. He had it coming. Someone had to do something. Who was going to do it? The police? You and I both know they weren’t going to do shit. They’d never have believed her. Hell, I wouldn’t believe her if I didn’t know her all these years. And you wouldn’t have come with if you didn’t know it was true, too.”

“No way she’d ever lie about that. No way. I know that.”

“Exactly. She’s gotta live with what happened the rest of her life. No choice in that. And what’s he gotta do? Nothing. He gets to just keep on living? Walking around? Out there. No f’ing way that can happen. He got what he deserved.”

“So what now? What do we do?”

“First things first, pop the latch.”


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