Everyday Voyeur

People are so fascinating. In my many trips to coffee shops over the course of the past year plus, I have spent much of my time staring just above my computer screen, under the false pretense of working on something, but instead, just watching the lives of others happen in real time. There is a... Continue Reading →

Coldplay, and the Curse of Aging

I love Coldplay. Still, despite their success, oversaturation, the Gwyneth, Moses and Apple saga and knowing that it has become totally uncool to be a fan, I can't deny the truth. I've tried to suppress the enjoyment I get from listening to their music and have shunned them from playlists for months on end. Yet, when... Continue Reading →

The Employment Game

Being unemployed is a very humbling experience. I immediately find myself reverting to my twenty-two year old self, ears wet and eager with nothing to show for, feeling the need to beg and plead just for a chance. The difference is that now I'm pushing thirty-eight with progressive experience in marketing and sales. The hunt... Continue Reading →

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