Old & New Works

In the midst of another creative burst, I decided to pull out my dusty, old portfolio of drawings. Dating back to the early 90’s, it’s a reflection of my continued love of music, and pop culture. There are a lot of unfinished, or almost finished works, and some are pretty good and some, while I can see where I was going, just didn’t quite cut it. I decided to share a couple of them here, as well as the last couple I’ve done now.

The Clemente and Hendrix are two of the oldest works I still have. Unfortunately, the Clemente is off of a copy (sold the original back in high school, sorry it’s a little blurry). The Hank Aaron and Clemente are indicative of the style I preferred when I was a teenager, and show how influential sports were in my life.

Hank Aaron_small Jimi Hendrix 2_small Roberto Clemente_smallEllie Goulding 10-17-15 Kanye West 10-22-15

I’m trying to continue to push myself to draw more regularly and try new things (even if they are very simple things) in my creations. Posting these keeps the juices flowing and gives me an objective view of what I’ve created.

Hope you enjoy.


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