Back in the Saddle

It has been awhile since I’ve written, I know. I’m sure you have all been on pins and needles wondering, “what is happening in Cole’s super exciting life?!” Between my constant adventures it can be so challenging to take the time to write 400 words of non sense. I mean, I have been busy watching new television shows, going on walks around the neighborhood with my lady and our child, I mean, dog, sleeping eight plus hours a day and on the rare occasion making an appearance at the gym. Oh, and working. Yep, back in the eight-ish to five-ish day to day grind of work. And admittedly, it is a grind that is very welcomed after being on about a year and a half vacay from full-time work. Not that I didn’t appreciate the time off from adult reality, but one can only take so many mornings in a row of Michael & Kelly before starting to need something of a bit more personal value.

The ironic part of work is that I am back where I left off before my mid career retirement. It has been about two months now, and sometimes it’s hard to believe I was gone for a big ole chunk of time. Just feels like I never left, but in the best possible ways. Being gone gave me an appreciation of the work, the people and, honestly, the regular salary. Things have (mostly) settled back into a  new (old) routine. And I know how mundane that sounds, but it’s not. It is nice to have days feel familiar, especially when they’re good. Now the trick is just continuing to find ways to pepper in some unique stuff: writing, drawing, going to and reviewing concerts (visit for a few of my colorful reviews) and getting out with the fam on day trips, hikes or whatever else beckons.

I am going to try to get back on this horse known as WordPress as I can,  mostly just to keep my little brain a little active, and hopefully I will find more interesting things to write about than an ambiguous update on what has kept me from writing recently.

Again, give my bud’s website a look and you can see some photos and reviews of yours truly – (I review and write about the less loud and heavy stuff).

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