The Incomplete

In the in-between posts period, which can sometimes be months, I’m not usually going without attempts at a post. Every couple weeks something will come to mind, or get partially created, but they often end up in my graveyard of Drafts. Instead of just wiping them all and starting fresh, this time I’m going to post a few of the tidbits that were laying around in there. I still sent a few to the trash, including a couple written around the election. While they were passionate, they were chalk full of exclamation marks and expletives. I’m not quite ready to go there…yet.



Untitled (poem)

When the silence rips across your face

I know the devil’s got your tongue

Tied up and twisted between your thoughts and memories

You’ve lost it all

And have no idea where it’s gone



Roberto Clemente and Finn Andrews of The Veils.



When I meet someone new, I almost always get, “you look like someone…” It’s varied from Wayne Gretzky, to Edward Norton, to even Hugh Jackman (on my best days). Of course, no one is going to be like, “you look like my reclusive neighbor that’s creepy looking” or “hey, you look just like the guy they featured on Dateline last week,” but I’ll still take the flattering comparisons when they come. But in my most recent self Googling, I discovered I have a Doppelnamer, Cole Allen, the musician. Okay, in all transparency, I had seen him before as part of the Cole Allen Band, but now it seems he’s grown his hair out, freed a few buttons and gone off on his own. In turn, his website, (I’m sure he’d prefer…sorry) is now promoted and atop the Cole Allen Google world. On his site, he identifies himself as an  “Original blues-rock vocalist, guitarist and songwriter.” I’m imagining an incarnation of the latest version of John Mayer, sans the hat. It gives me instant doppel-envy. I’ve always loved music and aspired to be able to play the guitar and write my own music. I even have two guitars collecting dust around my house! And every time I catch a glimpse of them, I can hear them taunting me, “Cole…it’s time to rock.” Of course, if I did, I’d then be competing against Cole Allen. But have no fear fellow Cole, I don’t see rock stardom in my future.


Since I wrote this post over the summer, I have taken a four course guitar class (thanks Groupon). I am now, over the last month, making an effort to pick up my guitar everyday  to work on the basic chords. I still do not foresee rock stardom in my future, but I may someday become that guy that can bust out a guitar and fake it through a three chord pop song.


Untitled (poem)

It is all a game

This thing we call life

The moments that become memories

The struggles and the strife

We are all just living

Fighting against the hands of time

Trying to find our little victories

And turn the random into rhymes


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