‘Cause it’s a Bittersweet Symphony

"...this life. Try to make end's meat, we're a slave to the money, then we die." Well, hopefully it's not quite that cut and dry, but money sure can put a severe chokehold on your sanity if you're not careful about it. I'm really not one to talk, at least not in comparison to a... Continue Reading →

Nothing to Say Tonight

I've got nothing to say tonight. Nothing. Sometimes I sit here, after work, and stare at this screen as if it's supposed to inspire me to have some profound thought. I realize that most of my "profound" thoughts are a whole lot of vanity-plagued recollections of a so-called shy kid. A shy kid, that by... Continue Reading →

Almost Twenty Years

As I laid on the couch tonight, fishing through Facebook, I saw something so odd and familiar: pictures from the twenty year reunion of the class one year ahead of me in high school. That means, if you remember those math skills, that my class is next. Twenty years from the end of high school... Continue Reading →

Buster: The Definitive Interview

Some of you may know Buster, our canine child. Buster, a shih-tzu terrier mix, is a very outspoken creature. Whether you are discussing international politics, Sacramento Kings basketball, or the meaning of life, his wisdom is infinite. Though Buster and I have many deep conversations, I have never formally sat down with him to capture... Continue Reading →


What is happiness? During my often painful and infinite search through Netflix this evening, I stumbled upon the Simon Pegg film, Hector and the Search for Happiness (or something like that). It's not an amazing movie or anything, but it's kind of a light, and entertaining film and it does make you think: what is... Continue Reading →


Imitation is the greatest form of flattery...or something like that, right? I've been on a U2 kick lately, as you may or may not be surprised to hear if you read this blog (see previous post). Going through my U2 playlist on iTunes, which is currently standing at 41 songs, I can listen over and... Continue Reading →

U2: Between Rock & a Hard Place

It is odd to be of the age that bands that ruled the airwaves in the '80s are now being played on classic rock stations. For a lot of artists, making the classic rock playlist is a badge of honor, proof that a song, or album has withstood the test of time. It also brings... Continue Reading →

J-J-J-Juicy…Steroids & Baseball

Hitting a baseball is hard, but hitting a baseball hard is harder. Much harder. I have heard a lot of excuses (or reasons, if you are of the other mindset) of why players who took steroids should still be in the Hall of Fame, or should still be celebrated as great players, and I have... Continue Reading →

Going Back To Cali

It is now official, the allure of California has won again. My wife and I, who have spent a lot of the last nine months in Boulder, Colorado, are heading back to Cali. While we have loved our time in Boulder, we have both just grown homesick for the hot, drought ridden land of suburban... Continue Reading →

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