My Favorites

In lieu of trying to find something thought provoking to write about on an early Friday morning, I am just going to list my favorites…of whatever comes to mind. Many favorites are not necessarily engraved in stone, but like putty that changes and molds over time, so if you take exception to my particular tastes, tough luck, or ask me again another day.

My favorite album: The Verve – Urban Hymns

Note: U2 has a couple right on its heals, but Hymns, to this day, just has an effect on me. I see the album cover, and it’s like a shining light at the end of a dark tunnel, an oasis amidst a sea of sand. From Bittersweet to Come On, it just rocks and sends my soul rising.

My favorite time of day: Dusk

Note: So, I should have an asterisk next to this one. Truth be told, I love mornings – the dew on the ground, the moisture in the air, the glow of the sun rising over trees and homes. However, I am not a fan of waking up early, so while I love the atmosphere in the morning, I do not necessarily enjoy waking up for it. So I will take the flip side, when the sun sets and the cool sets in.

My favorite superhero: Superman

Note: I really have little desire to shoot spiderwebs from my wrists, and what’s the use of climbing walls if I can just fly over them? And Batman, while he is one hellaciously cool dude, he isn’t a superhero, he is like Steve Jobs if he had decided to build a suit instead of computers. Okay, maybe not Steve Jobs, but definitely not Zuckerburg or Gates, can you imagine either of those dudes in a suit trying to be suave? I didn’t think so.

My favorite t-shirt: A Silent Film Concert Tee

Note: Easy call here. First off, A Silent Film is totally my band of choice these days (I’m downloading their new album as we speak, self-titled on iTunes, fyi). It also happens to be made of that really soft cotton, have a universally wearable dark grey hue and has a simple design with a kinda worn look. Just all around comfy and cool.

My favorite jacket: Express gray with zipper pockets

Note: while I’m on the subject of clothing, I have to discuss jackets. They are, without a doubt, my favorite piece of clothing. Of course, being a Californian, they are practically useless for eleven months of the year, but that doesn’t stop me from having about a dozen of ’em. This was a tough competition, but for look, wearability and brand, my trusty gray Express jacket is both lightweight and works casual or a bit more dressed up.

My favorite non-series TV show: SportsNation

Note: What’s not to love about a sports show that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and has Michelle Beadle at the helm? One thing that I’ve grown to hate about sports is the importance we put on them. This is one of the few shows that seems to embrace the fun of sports and not all the other crap that goes with them these days – money, drugs, abuse, or whatever the story of the day is. I’m much more interested in jeers, cheers and tears.

My favorite cable TV series: Dexter

Note: This is a really, really tough category and super ambiguous, so that I can create another category down the line, if need be. However, Dexter is the show that really got me into all the shows that get the hype these days (and many of them, rightfully so), like Mad Men, and Breaking Bad.

My favorite international TV series: Broadchurch (UK)

Note: If you haven’t watched this on Netflix yet, do. It’s so good, and so picturesque. You also need to watch Luther, Wallander (UK, with Kenneth Branaugh), The Slap (Australia), and Dicte (Swedish, I think, with John Cusack’s girlfriend from High Fidelity). There are others, I’m sure, but it’s early and I watch a lot of TV. For sure Broadchurch, then work your way down.

My favorite sports memory: JV win versus Will C. Wood

Note: I can’t even remember for sure how this memory really went down. What I remember was that it was a close game, and we were either barely ahead or barely behind our rival, WCW (not Woman Crush Wednesday), and there wasn’t much time left. I was the point guard and the ball was in bounded to me, I came about three feet above the top of the key and dumped the ball into James Fink, our trusty center, he made a dribble (I think), turned and put up a little five foot shot. Drainage, and victory. I remember there was a pretty good crowd, since it was late in the game before varsity and it was basically to secure that we were league champs (or co-champs with Hogan) and just this thrill that we did it. We were such a close knit group of guys and for me, this was the culmination since it was my last go-round with the Vacaville squad.

Favorite non-Vacaville sports moment: National Anthems before basketball games

Note: So once I moved from Vacaville, I was fortunate enough to play varsity hoops and baseball up in the great northwest. And for all the individual and team successes I was lucky to have, my favorite moment(s) were being out on the court before the start of our basketball games, packed gyms, and standing for the national anthem. Can’t explain why, but it just felt cool and made me feel lucky and proud to represent the school, my friends, and for myself, and all the years I had played to get to that point. All that said, I was a much better baseball player and much more appreciated on the baseball field at that point, but there weren’t exactly tons of people watching baseball games.

Favorite sports team to root against: Lakers

Note: I no longer really have favorite teams in sports. I’m so jaded by all the money, and the reality of who most of the players really are off the field, that I find it hard to root for a team or individual players often. There are exceptions, I’m not trying to say that all athletes are bad, by any means, but I have grown weary of all the negativity that surrounds sports these days. On the flip side, it is easy to root against teams. Maybe that’s the jerk in me rising to the surface, but if the Yankees, Lakers, or, well any other L.A. team is playing, I just root for the other team.

Favorite coffee drink: white mocha

Note: This probably wouldn’t normally be a part of any list, except that I happen to be a coffee shop aficionado these days, as an unemployed gent. I dabble in lattes, and blended drinks, but when it comes right down to it, gimme a white mocha, light on the whipped cream, and preferably hot.

Favorite pizza restaurant: Round Table

Note: Mountain Mike’s has grown on me, even though it upsets my stomach everytime I have it, but Round Table is tried and true. I’ll take it over any fancy shmancy pizza place or popular franchise. The sauce, the crust, delicious! Must be getting close to lunchtime.

Favorite bad actor: Keanu Reeves

Note: Let’s face it, Keanu isn’t the greatest actor, but I’m not ashamed to admit that he is one cool dude and the movies he makes, for the most part, seem to resonate with me. Tom Cruise is a close second, and if he weren’t a semi-crazy Scientologist, maybe he’d capture best bad actor for me, but Keanu has those intangibles and it doesn’t hurt that he is both Neo and Ted…or is it Bill? Who can remember, but he was definitely a part of the Excellent Adventure.

Favorite good actor: Jake Gyllenhaal

Note: I don’t know if Jake is typically considered a “good actor” to most people, but he seems like he has more legitimacy than the standard, run of the mill male Hollywood star. A large part of this selection, I admit, is my fondness for Zodiac. I actually typed Mark Ruffalo before Jake, but I flip flopped over to Jake because of Nightcrawler and Brokeback.

Favorite bad actress: Anna Kendrick

Note: I’m not trying to take anything away from Ms.Kendrick by categorizing her as a “bad actress”, but she hasn’t exactly blown me away with diversity. However, she is so darn likable. First, in Up In The Air, and then in 50/50. Granted, she does make some movies that just aren’t that interesting to me, or barely even make the big screen, but she is like a niece that is so cute, and you can’t help rooting for.

Favorite good actress: Meryl Streep…

Note: NO! It’s not Meryl Streep! Despite that Hollywood seems intent on brainwashing me to believe so. Why is that?

Favorite good actress, really: Jessica Chastain

Note: Okay, first off, she’s from Sacramento, so props to her for that. I never knew her or anything like that, but it does give her a step up from the competition. I think what really does it for me is that she has branched out recently to encompass a variety of heaviness in her roles and can rock the red, or brunette and something about her demands your attention when she’s on screen. She also has a bit of the beauty without being overtly beautiful thing going on, which is so adaptable and engaging.

Favorite current guilty pleasure: Taylor Swift

Note: It pains me to admit such things, especially since it really is so in right now to have Tay Tay as a guilty pleasure. But damn it, when one of her stupid pop tunes gets in my head, it stays like an unwanted relative that you have to love whether you want to or not. And for my own personal credibility, the fact that she did a song with Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol on her last album, gives me some solace in admitting that she’s okay. It’s a good thing that only a handful of people read this blog though, or else I’d have lots of ‘splaining to do.

Favorite U.S. city: Seattle

Note: In the midst of a The Killing series spree, I’m reminded of what I love about Seattle – it’s dark, wet, clean and despite it’s growth and chicness still seems to be somewhat of a secret. It is one of a handful of cities that I would entertain living in outside of northern California.

Okay, due to time constraints, this is where this list shall cease, for now. I’m sure I can think of other things, or if you have some things you’re curious as to what my fave is, let me know.

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